Avery is a yellow pup from our Jesse x Power spring 2011 litter
Hello. I am the new grandma to a puppy named Avery that my daughter and her boyfriend purchased from you last week.

I have spent my whole life around animals. I was exposed to Lab's by my deceased step father. He never had litters, but did bird dog training for other people. I have been raising Fox Terriers for a number of years, and I feel like I have a very good basic knowledge of puppies, temperaments, etc.

My daughter brought her new baby to our country home over the weekend. I honestly can say, other than my own pups, I have never seen such a well rounded puppy. She has the best temperament, she wasn't scared (we have 2 dogs, several sheep and a horse)...she never tucked her tail is fright, but instead, always kept her tail wagging! She came when called, didn't get into too much mischief! and got to take an "ankle deep" walk in a small pool with her toy. She is doing excellent on potty training too.

I know that Andrea and Luke are going to make great dog parents! Our family believes in having well rounded and behaving dogs! I know that sometimes puppies are just born with these great traits...but I also know that it takes work and dedication from responsible dog owners/breeders. It is so obvious to me how much time and dedication and love that you have taken in preparing your puppies for the new homes!! These kids have planned for a while now about getting a dog, and I want you to know, that in our family, we are always a forever home. I know that Andrea and Luke feel the same.

Please keep in contact for any of your "training play days"....Luke is going to need some guidance on bird dog training and would probably love to have any chance he could to learn from your family. Thank you again for such a great dog! Besides, I am now a dog grandma!

Suzanne Gurney