Jesse X Daisy Spring 2010


Whelped April 2 (7YF, 1YM).   Sire is Tidewater's Jesse James JH.  Hips OFA #LR-185737G26M-VPI Good and Elbows OFA #LR-EL46160M26-VPI Normal.   Jesse is the son of Merganser's Hacker MH WC CGC and PML Tilly JH.   Jesse's pedigree is extremely strong in FC-AFC and NAFC-FC titles.   Dam is Rogue River's Rising Flower (Daisy).  Hips OFA # LR-166154G43F-NOPI.   Daisy is the great-granddaughter to FC AFC Candlewood MD Houston and FC AFC Hakeye's Firefly.